Ludington State Park Mini Camper Cabin – Winter

Ludington State Park – February 11 & 12, 2012


This was our first visit to Ludington State Park in the winter. We decided to try spending a night in one of the mini camper cabins for something different. As we got closer to our planned weekend, we were worried there wouldn’t be enough snow for skiing or snowshoeing. This winter hasn’t had much snow and there were quite a few days with temps in the 40s. We were lucky on the night before left, there was a snow storm that gave about 6 inches of new snow.


We chose to reserve the Pines Mini Camper Cabin because the Pines Campground is the closest to Lake Michigan. The Pines Campground loop is closed in the winter so they give you a key to the gate and you get the whole place to yourself. However, during the day there is a lot of skier traffic going past the cabin. The Beechwood and Cedars campgrounds also have mini cabins available. The Cedars loop is also open to winter camping so you could have other neighbors when staying at this cabin. The Beechwood cabin is probably the best choice if you are looking for seclusion.


The mini camper cabins have 2 sets of bunk beds, a table with 4 chairs, microwave and mini refrigerator. There is also an electric heater on the wall by the entrance.


After getting unpacked it was time for soup and sandwiches.


After lunch it was time for some snowshoeing.


Waiting on the swings for everyone to catch up.


It was a cold and cloudy winter day along Hamlin Lake. The temperatures were in the mid 20s, but the wind made it bitter cold.


Following our little leader down the Island Trail.


Nearing the end of our trip along Hamlin Lake. We combined the Lost Lake and Island Trails in make a trip around Lost Lake. By the time we finished we were all pretty cold. Our trip took almost 2 hours!

For more information on hiking in Ludington State Park: 50 Hikes in Michigan: The Best Walks, Hikes, and Backpacks in the Lower Peninsula




There were several ducks, geese and two swans that were making the Big Sable River their winter home.


A long exposure from the foot bridge over the big sable river.


One more winter shot of the Big Sable River flowing through Ludington State Park.


We decided it was too windy to make a fire and roast hotdogs for dinner so drove into town and went to Jamesport Brewing Company. As we drove we saw the clouds were starting to breakup just before sunset.


We all feel asleep early and stayed nice and warm in the little cabin. In the morning we were happy to wake up to sunny skies, but we could still here the wind and waves.


In the morning headed back into town to The House of Flavors for breakfast. This is one of our girls favorite places to eat because with every meal you get a free scoop of ice cream. They were disappointed that the ice cream didn’t come with breakfast. On the way back we drove through the beach area to see the snow drifts mixed with sand and the Ludington Breakwall Lighthouse.


When we got back to the park there were 3 deer guarding the entrance. We usually see quite a few deer every time we visit Ludington State Park.


After breakfast the girls played outside, dad snowshoed to the lighthouse and mom was left to pack up the cabin.


It is about a 2 mile hike out to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse. Most people walk out on the gravel service road that starts in the Pines Campground and take the beach back for about a 4 mile trip. In the summer you can also take bikes on the service road.


Snow and sand drifts on the dune. The blue sky was nice, but the wind was still pretty cold.


The Big Sable Point Lighthouse is one of the most popular lighthouses along the shores of Lake Michigan. It is a great place to visit anytime of the year.


The back lit clouds by the tower looked better in person than camera was able to capture.


Ice fangs in the breakwall openings.


Sand sculptures we found on the beach. Photo by Regan.


After playing on the beach it was time to pack up and head home.

We all agreed that Ludington State Park is a great place to visit anytime of the year.



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